Crystal picture with amethyst

The original wall decoration combining the positive effects of crystal and amethyst. YOU BUY WHAT YOU SEE.
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Price:650,00 Kč (28 €)
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Crystal image with amethyst

The crystal is the most effective healing crystal and the most powerful energy amplifier on the planet.

  • protection of spaces from negative energy
  • it concentrates everything positive in us and takes everything negative from us
  • harmonizes the chakras and the entire bioenergy system
  • positive impact on strengthening the life partnership
  • protection against nightmares, helps against insomnia
  • blocks geopathogenic zones and negative energy - cleansing and healing of living spaces
  • alleviates hyperactivity in children

Ingredients: crystal crumb (size approx. 5 mm), tumbled stones: amethyst (3pcs)Binder - clear orgonite resin, edging - white wooden fram

Dimensions: 150 x 150 mm, th. 25 mm, with hook for hanging

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