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Welcome to my gallery of energy images.

My name is Milan Jančařík and I am the author of the pictures and images you can find on this website.

The basic element of my paintings are stones and minerals, which form an important part of the means of achieving harmony. Harmony for life - it is my life philosophy and journey (more on www.harmonieprozivot.cz). With the help of paintings, we can let the harmonizing energy of stones and minerals act both on ourselves and on the space in which we spend our time. I try to assemble and combine stones and minerals to achieve the intended effect.


                            HARMONY OF HOME AND WORKPLACE

Of great importance with emphasis on the creation of images on the subtle material energy that affects the energy centers of man, the so-called chakra. The chakras affect both our material and energetic bodies, and in general it can be said that the harmonization of chakras means the harmonization of men - with themselves, with other people, with nature, with the Earth, with the universe and all the forces that are in the universe. Chakra paintings form an important part of my work.

Harmony is the balance and union of all energies and forces of the external and internal world.

Each painting is a handmade original, including the frame. The individual stones are carefully selected. As a binder I use orgonite resin, which is clear and odorless. The frames are wooden, painted with water-based paints.

                                                           Milan Jančařík                                            



Design your own energy image

  • you can choose: used stones, shape, size and color of the picture frame
  • state your idea in a note in the order or send it by e-mail
  • I will consider your request in terms of feasibility and send a price offer
  • after mutual agreement of execution, price, payment conditions and deadline, your project will be implemented

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